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How do I vote in a voluntary corporate action?

 When a Corporate Action Voluntary Event has been issued and requires action on your part, you will receive an email and how to take action.

You can vote in voluntary corporate action events via the trading platform under "Account" - "Corporate Action Voluntary Events".

SaxoTrader software:

1. In the main menu, click ACCOUNT, then Corporate Action Voluntary Events.
2. In that module you see the event. Click on ELECT and the details from the company will be displayed.
3. Please read the event information and deadlines and allocate a number of “shares (rights)” to the Option you like. Also note the “default”, what will be exercised, if you do not take action before the deadline shown. Before the deadline is reached you can change your election at any time.

For more information press F1 on your keyboard.


1. Click "Account" tab, then "Reports" and "Corporate Action Voluntary Events".
The Corporate Action Voluntary Events module appears.
Follow steps 2 and 3 from above.

For more information click “?” in the top right corner of the Corporate Action Voluntary Events module.

SaxoTrader Go:

1. Click on "Account" tab, then "Corporate Action Voluntary Events



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