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What is the difference between the "traded value" compared to the "booked amount" in the Trades Executed report

"Traded Value" is the value of a trade, e.g. in the below screenshot the client has sold 1 Tesla share at the market price of USD 211.35 - so when you break down the booked amount, you will see that the "Traded Value" corresponds to the "Share Amount"-field in the booking type

The "booked amount" shown in the Trades Executed report is the actually booked amount, taking into account any cost or tax (e.g. commissions, stamp duties and exchange fees) that may be payable in connection with the trade.

1) Click on the "+" sign all the way to the left for a breakdown of the amounts that result in the total amount booked:

Click to open image in full screen:

2) In this example the client has sold 1 Tesla share at USD 211,35 USD and received a total amount of 189.22 CHF booked into the account, after conversion from USD into CHF and deduction of costs and fees.

3) Breakdown: the client has received a gross amount of 204,00 CHF for the sale of the shares, however 14.48 CHF has been paid in commission, 0.01 has been paid as Exchange Fee and 0.31 has been paid as Swiss Stamp Duty on foreign shares - leading to the total of CHF 189.21 as the net booked amount.


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