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Does Saxo Offer Pre-market Trading?

Yes, but only for accounts with a value of min. 100,000 USD (or equivalent). Thus, this is a feature available only to Premium and Platinum clients.

Please notice:

  • A pre-market order is designed to trade in the pre-market session on the US markets only.  The order will participate in the pre-market, and any residuals will be rolled into the continuous session as regular limit orders at the same limit price. 
  • Pre-market orders are available via the SaxoTrader platform as US Premarket Limit (CFDs only) orders and must be enabled via the Algorithmic orders set up. 
  • Please note that US Pre-market Limits are currently only available on CFDs, not for Stocks.
  • The only difference to a normal limit order is that this order allows participation in the pre-market session.
  • Note: Be aware that liquidity typically is low in the pre-market session – so when orders are placed aggressively they might get filled closer to the limit price than anticipated.


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